Lwasa In Tears After New Catch Vanessa Snubs Kwanjula, Flees With Shs30M

Lwasa In Tears After New Catch Vanessa Snubs Kwanjula, Flees With Shs30M

By Ivan Mwine

If there is any loaded Ugandan man who has proved so far to be so unlucky in love then it is Desire Luzinda’s ex-lover Emmanuel Lwasa.

We revealed on this website a few days ago that Lwasa was planning to hold a massive Kwanjula (introduction ceremony) with his new catch only identified as Vanessa, who hails from Western Uganda.


Well, the  latest from Moles is that Lwasa is shedding buckets of tears and  spitting venom after Vanessa decided to snub the Kwanjula, which was slated to be held on Sunday October 02, 2022.

Lwasa frantically calling Vanessa’s phone number in vain

Moles reveal that Lwasa, who was smartly dressed on a Kanzu, was escorted by an entourage from Kampala to Mbarara for the ceremony.

However, he almost shed tears when he reached  Mbarara, only to be told that the Kwanjula had been called off and Vanessa was nowhere to be seen.

Worse still is that besides snubbing the ceremony, Moles reveal that Vanessa allegedly made off with almost Shs30M, which Lwasa had reportedly given her to organize the event.

Lwasa with Vanessa during their happy moments

It  is not yet clear why Vanessa, who is currently said to be in hiding, decided to snub her Kwanjula with Lwasa, who has for the past few days been parading her as  the love of his life.

It should be noted that Lwasa hooked up Vanessa after falling out with his former lover Angel Kwarikunda, who was smoked out swapping saliva with a US based Ugandan dude only identified as Kamulegeya.

Lwasa being consoled by friends

Prior to their separation, Lwasa and Angel had held a massive Kwanjula ceremony on which he reportedly spent over Shs50M.

He had hooked up with Angel after falling  out bitterly with his other ex-lover Diana Nabatanzi, a sexy    TV personality, who he said he dumped because she was too much of a slay queen and not wife material.

However, it should be noted that Lwasa was at one time married to a woman, who is the mother of his kids, although they separated bitterly after he hooked up singer Desire Luzinda.

Anyways, only God knows whether or not Lwasa will one day find his missing rib but until then, all  he still remains so unlucky in love!


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