Lwasa’s Wife Angel Purportedly Seen Swapping Saliva With Unknown Guy

Lwasa’s Wife Angel Purportedly Seen Swapping Saliva With Unknown Guy

By Simon Abaho

As we write this social media is awash after a video of a lady reported to be Lwasa Emmanuel’s wife Angel Kwakunda cheating on him surfaced online.

In the video, the lady can be seen at a hangout place during evening hours while seated next to her lover. She then extends to him to get a kiss from him which she indeed got.


After watching the video several times, netizens believe the lady in the video is the Masaka City tycoon’s wife cheating on him behind his back. The video of cheating surfaces at a time when billionaire Lwasa is not in the country. 

The same video shows alleged Lwasa’s wife Angel Kwakunda having beautiful moments with a young and energetic man.

A number of netizens have showed support for Angel saying that she is right to cheat on Lwasa since he has a tiny ‘Cassava’. 

Angel and Lwasa legalised their relationship in March this year in a beautiful traditional introduction ceremony after his painful breakup with BBS Television’s presenter Diana Nabatanzi.


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