Lydia Jazmine Cited In Sharon O, Ronnie Mulindwa Split

Lydia Jazmine Cited In Sharon O, Ronnie Mulindwa Split

By Ivan Mwine

All is not rosy in songbird Lydia Nabawanuka aka Lydia Jazmine’s life after word starting going around that she  might be the reason why  actress Sharon Salmon aka Sharon O is no longer on good terms with her baby daddy Ronnie Mulindwa.

Word from our Moles is that Sharon O, who has a son with Mulindwa, her former boss at the Obsessions group, does not see eye to eye with  Jazmine ever since he (Mulindwa) started managing her music career.

Moles intimate that although Mulindwa and Sharon were battling love woes prior to him and Jazmine meeting, when he and Jazmine met, things went to a whole new level.

Gorgeous Lydia Jazmine

It is said that matters worsened between them when Sharon started faulting Mulindwa for reportedly spending lots of time with and concentrating more on Jazmine instead of her and their son, something she couldn’t stomach.

As if that wasn’t enough, Moles reveal that  matters escalated between the three after Sharon learnt that Mulindwa had bought Jazmine a Mercedes Benz as birthday gift, something that didn’t go down well with her at all.

Ronnie Mulindwa and Sharon O during their heydays

Sharon’s pals intimate that ever since Mulindwa started managing Jazmine many people are wondering how come he treats her so special to the extent that he spends more money on her than what he spends on his family members, something  that is quite unusual.  

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