TV Star Lynda Ddane Denies Giving DJ Bryan  Her Goodies

TV Star Lynda Ddane Denies Giving DJ Bryan Her Goodies

By Simon Abaho

NTV and KFM presenter, Lynda Uwamahoro aka Lynda Ddane has finally cleared the air over allegations that fellow NTV workmate, DJ Bryan Chewed her Sumbie.

When president Yoweri Museveni announced the first lockdown in March 2020, Lynda secured herself a gig on NTV ‘Mix Show’ as a dancer. On the same show, she worked with club Guvnor spin master, DJ Bryan.

Since movements were limited after curfew hours, those with stickers and media personalities were allowed to move. By that time Lynda Ddane had no car, so DJ Bryan took the responsibility to pick and drop her after work.

Lynda Ddane
Lynda Ddane

They became so close, which sparked off a rumour that the pair were more than just friends.

It was also around that time that Lynda had confirmed that she was seeing someone. Many believed it was DJ Bryan.

However, during a chat with Dembe FM gossip monger, Kasuku, she said Bryan never ate her.

We were friends, nothing happened. Don’t tie things on me that never happened. I don’t have any ex, even

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