Makerere University Releases Results Of Mature Entry Exams For Law School

Makerere University Releases Results Of Mature Entry Exams For Law School



By Exposed Uganda


The administration of Makerere University has released results for the Pre-entry exams sat by Mature Entry candidates for the MUK School of Law, Academic  Year 2020/2021, and have appealed to whoever is not satisfied with the results to appeal within two weeks.

According to officials at the University, criteria for admission is like this:

For Government Sponsorship, the University takes 30 students from A-level basing on pre-entry marks. For example someone might have scored 65 in pre-entry but may be 12 points at A-level. He will be taken for government sponsorship while someone who scored 20 points at A-level but scored may be 57 in pre-entry will not be taken on Government sponsorship. What matters is the pre-entry mark.


Secondly, not everyone who got 50 and above in the A-level list will be taken for government sponsorship. They normally put the cut off at 52 or 53 for A-level leavers.

But for Diploma and degree holders whoever got 50 and above will be taken. This is because the capacity of the MUK  Law school is 250 students per year.

Mak Pre-entry Exams Results

So A-level produces about 200 and diploma/degree holders produce 50 making 250.

Diploma and degree holders are favoured during admission because their fallout rate during the course of study is small.

Makerere University Pre-entry Exams resultsl

According to University officials, this year’s number of applicants was small about 1300 because of  the COVID-19 lockdown.

But last year there were 2600 applicants who sat Pre-entry and the University admitted about 270.

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