Mama Fina, New Hubby Love On Rocks As List Of Men Who’ve Chewed Her Leaks

Mama Fina, New Hubby Love On Rocks As List Of Men Who’ve Chewed Her Leaks

By Ivan Mwine

All is not well between renowned Ugandan herbalist cum businesswoman Sofia Namutebi aka Mama Fina and her new lover Prince Fred Kalema

Latest from our Moles is that for reasons best known to him, Kalema, who is based in Sweden, has since decided to estrange himself from Mama Fina.

Moles reveal that Kalema has not appeared anywhere near Mama Fina’s crib in Bulenga for  a very long time, leaving millions of unanswered questions amongst her clients, social followers, friends and frenemies.

Mama Fina and Prince Fred Kalema

It should be noted that Mama Fina, who appeared in a TV interview this week urging women to bewitch their husbands, snatched Kalema from his former wife Yudaya Nangozi, who accused the herbalist of allegedly wrecking her family, although she came out and claimed to have met him before Nangozi

Mama Fina and Kalema held a massive Kwanjula (introduction ceremony) in 2020 that was supposed to be followed by a wedding although the program for their wedding has since stalled.  

According to the new developments, the wedding is  likely not to happen following Kalema’s estrangement from her without any explanation.

But it is important to note that  Kalema is not the only man who has found problems with loving Mama Fina, whose husband Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu was gunned down in 2015.

Here below is a list of men who have reportedly sampled her Wetland, although  the list might be longer than we expect;

 Ismail Ssegujja

Mama Fina with Hajji Ismail Ssegujja before she dumped him

Just months after her husband’s assassination, Mama Fiina hooked up with Hajji Ismail Ssegujja, who was Maj Kiggundu’s best friend. In 2017 she got married to him at Kololo Mosque and he Ssegujja paid bride price (Mahare) worth 4000 pounds (about Shs19 million). However,  their marriage didn’t last long before she dumped him.

Hajj Abdul Kiyimba

Before Hajj Ssegujja married off Mama Fiina, word had it the she was having a secret romance with Hajj Abdul Kiyimba, and that preparations to make their relationship official were ongoing. However, she distanced herself from Kiyimba  after Ssegujja came into the picture.

 Ismail Ssekidde

This one was the man she probably spent the longest time with, although still their marriage ended in tears. Mama Fiina and Ssekidde got married in 2013, and it’s alleged that he was the one who convinced her to convert from Christianity to Islam.  However, although they produced children together and acquired several assets, she didn’t think twice about dumping him.

Ali Kyonjo

This one is said to have been Mama Fiina’s first husband and father of her eldest son Rashid Kyonjo

Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng

Mama Fina having fun with Peng Peng

He is a Sweden based Ugandan blogger who shocked the nation when he confessed that he romped with Mama Fiina when she had flown to Sweden for holiday.

Livingstone Kiggo Bukye

He is currently deceased, although rumours have it that Mama Fina had a secret romance with Kiggo Bukye some time back.  The deceased used to reside in Bweyogerere, according to sources.

 Kitimbo Kawuulu Kagezi

It’s alleged that Kitimbo was Mama Fiina’s secret lover who introduced her to witchcraft. Currently Kitimbo is still a traditional practitioner and he resides in Seeta, Mukono.

Salongo Ben Gulu

Salongo Ben Gulu, who used to operate in Kazinga at a place that was popularly known as ‘Stage Ya Bakyala’, is also dead. Information reaching our desk is that Salongo Ben Gulu was the one that campaigned to have her become the President of traditional herbalists and he succeeded.

Kagwa Sebanakitta

Given the romance that existed between the two, Mama Fiina chose Sebanakitta as her Vice president, and the two love birds used to handle all matters concerning Uganda’s herbalists together.

Musangi Kyabaggu

He also died recently; sources alleged that to keep their love strong but discrete, Mama Fiina chose to keep Musangi Kyabaggu close by appointing him as her secretary.

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