Man Eater: God’s Plan Accuses NBS TV Star  Gashumba Of Chewing Eddy Kenzo & Vinka’s Hubby Nelly

Man Eater: God’s Plan Accuses NBS TV Star  Gashumba Of Chewing Eddy Kenzo & Vinka’s Hubby Nelly

By Ivan Mwine

The sex war raging on between socialite Marcus Ali   Lwana aka God’s Plan  and NBS TV stat Sheilah Gashumba has taken a very ugly twist, after  it sucked in musician Eddy Kenzo and singer Veronica Lugya aka Vinka’s hubby Nelly Witta.

God’s Plan’s rant on Snapchat

 God’s Plan, who accuses his former pal  Derrick Dungu aka  Rickman Manrick of snatching Gashumba from him yet he used to go to his crib and eat his food, has opened another can of worms.

Singer Rickman Manrick feeling Gashumba’s booty

According to God’s Plan, Gashumba seems to either have a raging appetite for Zubras or she is naturally a cheater.

This is because God’s Plan alleges that some time back, Gashumba swallowed award-winning musician Eddy Kenzo’s Zubra when they were both in South Africa.

Read for War: God’s Plan threatens to spill more dirty secrets

 As if she is of the ‘Man-Eaters of Tsavo’, God’s Plan goes on to allege that  the NBS TV star not only swallowed Kenzo’s Zubra but also went ahead and chewed that of Vinka’s baby daddy Nelly, although by then he hadn’t hooked up with her.

But that is not enough for God’s Plan, he  is threatening to spill more dirty secrets that will end people’s careers, something that has left many of  Gashumba’s fans on NBS TV wondering if she is safe.

It should be recalled that Gashumba and God’s Plan separated in 2020 after several years of bonking after they developed irreconcilable woes that bordered on offside romping.

Vinka with hubby Nelly Witta whose Zubra Gashumba reportedly swallowed

Following their separation,  Gashumba fled the apartment that God’s Plan had rented on Speke Apartments for them and decided to return to her father’s home.

Shortly after their separation, Gashumba, who had tattooed God’s Plan’s name on her body, frantically looked around town for a tattooist who erased it.

 Barely a year after their separation, news spread that she had hooked up then Sweden based footballer cum singer Rickmanrick, whom she has since convinced to relocate to Uganda such that she can promote his music career.                                                                     

However, if the accusations raised by God’s Plan are anything to go by, then Gashumba could be boasting of one of the longest sexual networks in Uganda, given the number of known men whose Zubras she has swallowed so far, leaving the unknown aside.

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