Martha Mukisa, Bobi Wine Bro. Eddy Yawe Fight Over ‘Neteze’ Song

Martha Mukisa, Bobi Wine Bro. Eddy Yawe Fight Over ‘Neteze’ Song

By Ivan Mwine

City music producer cum singer Eddy Yawe, who is National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s brother,  is back in the news for bad reasons.

Word coming from our Moles is that Yawe is involved in a bitter row with female musician Martha Mukisa over the ownership of their new song ‘Neteze’.
Martha Mukisa with Eddy Yawe before they fell out

Yawe and Mukisa released their collabo ‘Neteze’ last month and it is one of the trending songs currently on YouTube and airwaves across Uganda.

We have established however that after realizing that the song is a huge success, Yawe decided to claim 100% copyrights, arguing that he invested a lot in the project.

The beef between Yawe and Mukisa culminated into him striking the song off her YouTube channel and leaving it on his, such that he can collect all the loyalties.

Eddy Yawe with brother Bobi Wine

As a result of this standoff between them, Yawe and Mukisa, who were until recently very tight pals, no longer see eye to eye.

However, this is not the first time Yawe is doing a collabo with a female musician and later claiming its copyrights.

Gorgeous Martha Mukisa

Some time back Yawe a released a song titled ‘Tukigale’ with singer Carol Nantongo but after it became a hit he turned and claimed its ownership.

He argued then that he had written the song, composed and produced it at his studio and that apart from her vocals, Nantongo didn’t invest any dime in the project, not even in the video shoot.

Eddy Yawe took over ownership of ‘Tukigale’ from Carol Nantongo (picture)

Being the weaker sex, both physically and financially, Nantongo had no option but to relinquish all her claims of partly owning the song, despite the fact that she claimed to have contributed money for its audio and video production.

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