Maureen Kabasiita Resurrects Musically, Bounces Back With New Hit

Maureen Kabasiita Resurrects Musically, Bounces Back With New Hit


By Nellie Nakitende


She has been off the scene for two years and had many of her fans wondering what she is up to. We caught up with popular musician Maureen Kabasiita, who took us through her journey from little unknown girl to stardom.

Sexy diva Maureen Kabasita

Kabasiita, who has been off the music radar for some time, recently released a new song titled ‘Sikati’, which has since given her a smooth comeback, although it also sparked off mixed reactions between her fans and those of Winnie Nwagi.

According to Kabasiita, Nwagi’s ‘Kwata Essimu’ song was a great inspiration and a wakeup call for her to make a remarkable comeback with a new song and what better time to release it than during the COVID-19 era, where things are a bit slow especially in the local music industry.

She affirms that the two songs don’t sound  the same and have nothing common between them, because they (Nwagi and Kabasiita) both sing differently and have different lyrics.

Maureen Kabasita relaxing at home

It was during the COVID-19 lockdown that the sexy diva decided to re-strategize, build on her injured self-esteem, work on her own terms without any sort of pressure while reviving the singing and competitive spirit in her. Her zeal and passion for music wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass.

Considering that controversies have made up for half of her career, Kabasita assured ExposedUganda that she won’t make the same mistakes twice since she has good management that’s willing to see her career grow, invest in her and build on her strengths.

The sexy diva assured us that many artistes’ candles are burning out because they have failed to appreciate the good that those people[management] are doing for them but instead focus on the monetary benefits they are yet to receive.

It’s on that note that she admitted not being accountable to anyone in regards to her life and her music. Being an introvert, Kabasita regrets ever being in the limelight. She says her life has been scrutinized, misunderstood and judged by fans who know nothing about her.

Nevertheless she attributes her success to Tusker Project Fame who gave her a platform and viewership across East Africa.

Kabasiita says her hard work to get where she is now and where she hopes to be in future never lets her stop at nothing till she achieves great success in this industry and beyond.

In this male dominated industry, Kabasita has managed to keep her head high since she doesn’t do her own bidding.

“I am not cheap. I am not simple. I don’t hold conversations. I am not good at making friends. I make myself scarce and I avoid direct contacts be it with DJs, music producers, promoters,” Kabasita said.

She added that “The problems is that as Ugandan artistes, we have failed to identify ourselves with a particular genre of music like West Africa has done. We import everything from every part of the Universe. A few have actually managed to identify with a particular genre like Annette Nanduja, Irene Namatovu but we have a long way to go. We as an industry have failed to believe in ourselves and refused to tap on to our capabilities.”


What you Didn’t Know About Her

As we wrap up, here are a few things you had no idea about Maureen Kabasita;

She loves nature, loves walking out in lots of trees or on the streets without anyone gazing at her. She loves to breathe in fresh air.

Kabasita loves babies and this explains why her children are the most important part of her life and are the only lot that has kept her sane for this whole time.

She also loves art and is an outgoing person if you took your time to get to know her, you wouldn’t be disappointed. She’s a versatile artiste. Capable of doing the unimaginable in this industry like a little bit of rap, reggae, Afro-fusion, pop name it.

Expect the best of Maureen Kabasita now that she has bounced back onto the  music scene.

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