‘Mbipambana’  Star Heather Nanteza  Flaunts Booty In S. Africa

‘Mbipambana’  Star Heather Nanteza  Flaunts Booty In S. Africa

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan songbird Heather Nanteza, who recently dropped a sizzling jam with Daddy Andre dubbed ‘Mbipambana’ is currently in South Africa, where she is on a working holiday.

Moles reveal that while in South Africa,  Nanteza is sightseeing and soaking in the sunshine as she enjoys her special time there.

Heather Nantenza flaunts her soupy booty

She spending quality moments at beaches, swimming pools  and at times she goes window shopping according to Moles.

Actually, our Moles have since landed on some of Nanteza’s bikini snapshots in which she is seen spotting well-toned, delicious booty.

Although she is currently in South Africa, Nantenza is a popular Ugandan musician who is based in Denmark, although she often travels back to Uganda for short holidays.

Look but don’t touch; Heather Nanteza seems to say

She is artiste whose love for Music started when she was a little girl.

She recorded her First single titled ‘Sembela’ and later  followed it with other songs such as ‘Gunjigijja’, ‘Mbulira’ ‘Njagala Kwatula’ ft Yoyo and her latest ‘Mbipambana’.


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