Medics In Mubende Go On Strike As Ebola Death Toll Rises To 21

Medics In Mubende Go On Strike As Ebola Death Toll Rises To 21

By Ivan Mwine

The situation in Mubende District is about to go out of hand after medics in the Ebola-hit area announced a three-day strike, at a time when they are most needed.

Reports coming in indicate that medics in Mubende District have since announced a strike, citing lack of pay and absence of Personal Protective Equipment.

According to reports, the Ebola death toll inn Mubende District stands at 21, while others contend that  it has since risen to 23 victim.

The medics claim that on top of not being paid and provided with PPEs, they are being forced by district authorities to attend to Ebola patients and bury the victims.

The Ebola ETUs and Isolation Centres in Mubende District

Meanwhile, despite the varying statistics, the latest report from the Ministry of  Health put the Ebola Virus Disease death toll in Mubende at 21, with the disease spreading to two neighbouring districts of Kyegegwa and Kassanda where three cases have been registered.

However, although other reports indicate that the Ebola Virus has since spread to Wakiso and other parts of Metropolitan Kampala, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Health Ministry Spokesperson, has since downplayed such allegations, by asserting that unless  a postmortem or prior medical checkups are done, not every death should be attributed to Ebola.

“Any suspected case is accorded a safe and dignified burial. However, without a laboratory confirmation we can’t  call the death as a result  of Ebola,” Ainebyoona said on twitter Tuesday.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the Ministry of Health has since set Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) and isolation structures to respond to the increasing cases of infections in the district.

Members of the general public have since been warned to be on the look out for any suspected cases and report them to the nearest police or health officers for immediate response by the concerned authorities.

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