Meet  Nahabwe: The S.6 Vaccist Who Imitates Shaka, M7, Besigye & Mbabazi  To Make Money

Meet  Nahabwe: The S.6 Vaccist Who Imitates Shaka, M7, Besigye & Mbabazi  To Make Money



By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


I was lazily surfing the internet when I saw a video of a young man with a caption “This Mukiga is talented. ”

Immediately the Kigezi-loving part of me (I was born in Kabale) prompted me to click on it.

There is a clip in which he imitates VOA talk-show host Shaka Ssali; I had to re-watch it over and over  to make sure  he was not using a recorded voice of Shaka.

Impressed by what I had just seen, I sent him a message and 20 minutes later he was answering my questions via WhatsApp.

This is what he had to say when I asked him how he started and how he discovered his gift during our interview;


Nahabwe said that; “Well, I started doing this thing as early as senior three, when I was the Information prefect at Kihihi High School. At the time I gathered news with sound-bytes, whereby I had to imitate several teachers including the headmaster, for comments in my news articles. One day my English teacher, Tuyishime Erasmus, had a wedding and invited me  to act as emcee and chief entertainer. It was after that wedding that I gained confidence in my speeches and theatrics. Since then I have never looked back.”

He added that; “Naturally, it is in me so much so that when I’ve listened to a person for quite a long time and he has his own identical vocal i.e being easily identified by their voices, I am able to imitate them. I developed this pole-pole, step by step, by learning to imitate councillors, MPs and other public figures like Amama Mbabazi, Col. Kiiza Besigye , President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni,  among several others.”

Who is Nahabwe?

Real name Sam Nahabwe, this lad, who is only twenty years old, currently  works with Kinkizi FM.

He started working with the radio station in April this year, thanks to his talent which helped him when he imitated the radio station owner Amama Mbabazi and James Kaberuka, the Kinkizi West Member of Parliament.

According to Nahabwe, Shaka told him when he sent the clip he watched it and just returned to what he was doing. But it was his workmates who excitedly watched the video and started asking him if he was in anyway related to the young man and they encouraged him to look for his number and contact him.

He has since gone ahead to build a career as one of the renowned commentators, entertainers, comedians and artistes from western Uganda.

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