Meet Senior Congolese Diplomat’s Son Kazingufu Who Married Sexy Ugandan Casual Labourer

Meet Senior Congolese Diplomat’s Son Kazingufu Who Married Sexy Ugandan Casual Labourer


By Kwame Isma Nkurunziza


In 2016 when Thierry Kazingufu set eyes on Resty for the first time at  his father’s construction site in Kitintale, he was blown away by her smooth skin, shy smile and kind eyes.

It didn’t take long for Thiery, the son of Adellard Kazingufu, DR Congo’s Customs Representative and embassy commercial attaché, to make his feelings for the Mukiga beauty known.

Other casual workers at the construction site where Resty used to work with her mother to cook food didn’t know how to react to the growing relationship  between two people from totally opposite background.

Thiery didn’t’ care; he loved Resty despite the fact that the girl who dropped out of school in senior four was doing  a lowly job  and living in a cheap Shs120,000 bedsitter house with her family.

Gorgeous Resty Kazingufu

First forward what started as a casual liaison changed when the senior diplomat’s son learned that his new girlfriend was pregnant.

He used his connections to get her a job at Hotel Africana.

Undeterred by the new development between him and her, he approached his staunch Catholic parents and told them he had made a mistake and fornicated  but he loved the girl.

On asking about the girl’s background his father, a successful businessman and diplomat, learned that his son’s lover was a daughter of one of his casual labourers.

Kazingufu senior, a highly educated and extremely intelligent man who rose from a humble  background to become one of the most powerful people at the Kololo based DR Congo embassy, was pleased to know that just like him, the girl was from a Catholic family.

Adellard Kazingufu with son and wife

After gathering enough info about his future daughter- in -law,  he invited the girl’s impoverished parents to discuss the way forward, since the two lovers were expecting baby.

At the end of the negotiations their life had changed! The businessman with interests in cargo transport and real estate across East and Central Africa paid enough money in form of dowry to make Resty’s biological father leave his job as an Askari  and go back to the village chest- thumping and proudly saying how he was going to start a cattle farm.

Fast forward, on 9th August   this year, the two lovebirds finally exchanged their vows in front of family and friends in Goma DRC after  years of living together.

An emotional Mrs Kazingufu, happy to see that her son had finally made a giant step towards becoming a man of his own, convinced the diplomat to send the newly wed couple on an-all expenses paid honeymoon to Europe.

Resty’s mother, a woman who used to toil on different building sites selling food to make ends meet in 2016, today lives in a posh house, thanks to her  son-in-law

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  1. Banange u guys are liars , don’t speak for the others u don’t even know Resty stop making money out of people’s lives ,ones life is no joke

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