Min. Anite Scoffs At Bobi Wine For Demanding Museveni Academic Papers

Min. Anite Scoffs At Bobi Wine For Demanding Museveni Academic Papers


By Mable Nakibuuka

The State Minister for Finance  for Privatisation and Investment Evelyn Anite has scoffed at Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine,  the Kyadondo East legislator, over his endless demands for President Yoweri Museveni’s academic documents.

Bobi Wine, who is also a 2021 presidential contender on the National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket, has spent several days demanding the Electoral Commission to publicized President Museveni’s academic documents just as they did to his.


The demand for Museveni’s academic documents was fueled by city lawyer Nkunyingyi Muwada, who filed a case in the High Court seeking an order to compel the Justice Simon Bakama led Electoral Commission to declare the academic documents President Museveni used to contest for the 2016 presidential election and previous elections.

Minister Evelyn Anite’s tweet about Bobi Wien and NUP’s demands for President Yoweri Museveni’s academic documents

However, in reply to Bobi Wine and NUP’s demands, Minister Anite  contends that President Museveni’s capability to rule Uganda goes beyond just mere academic documents, because he is a very experienced leader who has been leading the country for over 30 years.

She compares the President to a driver who has been driving this bus (Uganda) for over three decades, hence  the issue of whether or not he possesses the necessary academic  credentials is so inconsequential.

“What academic papers is NUP (a Kampala based party) looking for when the indomitable H.E @KagutaMuseveni is a professional driver who’s been driving the NRM bus & Uganda for more than 30 years without causing accidents?

NUP should just relax and wait for 2021 election results,” Anite tweeted on Tuesday evening.

This was in reaction to Bobi Wine’s most recent demands  for Museveni’s academic documents, in which he wrote thus on social media; “It’s been close to two months now ever since the Electoral Commission quickly released my academic documents and refused to release the documents of Gen. Museveni!

Bobi Wine’s latest demands for Museveni’s academic documents from the Electoral Commission

The Commission came up with all sorts of excuses for not releasing Museveni’s papers but now we know why. In this Deed Poll, the man who has participated in the previous six elections, purports to legally change his names for the first time. This brings critical questions. How has he been nominating all these years? Was he ever legally nominated? Is he then in office legally? Did he actually possess the required documents? The Electoral Commission which claims to be independent, why did they not release the documents and let Gen. Museveni sort out the name thing at that time?”

He adds that; “The evidence is all over that we still live under military rule- a dictator in a suit! We must not waste any valuable time lying to ourselves that a system like this one will give us our freedom on a silver platter. We shall and must struggle for it.

Mpozi nekilala, I thank Counsel Muwadda Nkunyinji who together with other lawyers are pushing this matter forward. Yet again, the emperor is naked!”


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