Mind Your Business: Queen Sheebah Stings Ex-MP Kasibante

Mind Your Business: Queen Sheebah Stings Ex-MP Kasibante

By Ivan Mwine

 Celebrated Ugandan diva Sheebah Samali Karungi aka Queen Sheebah has given former Lubaga North Member of Parliament  (MP) Moses Kasibante, who has problems with her music, a level that will leave  him where he deserves to be.

Trouble for Kasibante started  on Tuesday after he posted of his Facebook  lambasting the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for failing to play its watchdog role by censoring some vulgar songs, amongst Sheebah’s ‘Yolo’ from being played on local radio and TV stations, arguing that it fuels immorality.


As if that was not enough, on Tuesday,  the same Kasibante was up in arms with UCC and one of its senior officials  Nyombi Thembo,  whom he faults for turning a blind eye and ear to the vulgar songs being aired my local media houses.

Sheebah Karungi has no time for Moses Kasibante’s ‘nonproductive drama

Kasibante wrote;

UCC exposing us to Vulgarity intentionally!

Yesterday I posted a concern, questioning how Sheeba’s ‘Gyangu onkoleko emikolo’, could find it’s way to the Uganda’s airwaves. It’s an absolute vulgar!

Among the overwhelming reactions, is my brother Hon Nyombi Thembo, who confesses to be the overseer of the industry affairs Department, that handles content regulation in the Uganda communications commission.

He as well confesses to be ‘innocently enjoying’ gyangu onkoleko emikolo and defends UCC against its inaction against this vulgarity saying, the body doesn’t have capacity to handle ‘riddles’, but it also acts only on complaints registered from the public!

This is an absurdity: for section 5 of the Uganda communications Commission Act, among others empowers UCC to ‘set standards relating to content’!

I repeat, Sheeba’s ‘gyangu onkoleko emikolo’ is a vulgar and media houses playing the same are in equal standards vulgar and spoiling especially our young generation listening onto them. And together with the UCC, that’s charged by law with the duty to regulate their content, they need to be subjected to a very serious scrutiny, if the moral fibers of this society are something to be redressed!”

However, Sheebah has since retaliated that she has no time for such gibberish and has since assured the likes of Kasibante to stop gossiping around and delving  in what she refers to as ‘nonproductive drama’.

The diva, who was seemingly replying to Kasibante, wrote on social media thus; “My goal is to give myself Everything I deserve as am empowering & employing more people so they can do the same, Especially women which requires commitment, time & passion so Please don’t call my phone for gossip, Respectfully. I got Zero time for games and all that nonproductive drama.”


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