Mind Your Business! Spice Diana Barks At Sheebah’s Abusive Fans

Mind Your Business! Spice Diana Barks At Sheebah’s Abusive Fans

By Ivan Mwine

Sensuous singer Hajara Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana is having sleepless nights because of fellow singer Sheebah Karungi’s fans, who are endlessly attacking her on social media.  

It has come to our  notice that the situation has since become unbearable for Spice Diana, to the extent that she took to social media and wrote a message in which she assures Sheebah’s fans to take a chill pill and leave her alone.

Spice Diana wrote on her Facebook page thus; “For sure sheebaholics  mulekere awo okunvuma nokumpemula ku account yange. Sirina  kyenali mbakoze. Mukisusizza!”

This can be loosely translated to mean that; “Please Sheebaholics, stop abusing me and insulting on my account. I have never done anything bad to you!”

Part of the Facebook exchange between Spice Diana and Sheebaholics

We have since established that Spice Diana’s outcry came after she observed that there is an increasing number of Sheebah’s fans who are attacking her on social media for no reason at all.

Many of these Sheebaholics, as Sheebah refers to her fans, argue that Spice Diana is not comparable to Sheebah in any way and that when put in the same category as musicians, she (Spice Diana) can only be ranked as an upcoming artiste.

It is for such negative vibes and others  like those that Spice Diana has since come out to assure Sheebah’s fans to back off her music career and life.

However, although her ranting comes at a time when word is going around that there is a supremacy war raging on between Sheebah and Spice Diana, neither artiste has come out to confirm or deny the beef yet.

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