‘Mind Your Own Business’-Zari Blasts Ugandans Stressing Her  For Dating Numerous Men

‘Mind Your Own Business’-Zari Blasts Ugandans Stressing Her  For Dating Numerous Men

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, who is based in South Africa, has come out to blast Ugandans and other people who keep stressing her about the many failed relationships she has had in the past with various men.

Zari with current lover Sangoma GK Choppa

Zari, who is Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz’s baby  daddy although they parted ways in 2017, is nowadays dating a new lad only identified as Sangoma GK Choppa, whom she unveiled  to the public last month.

Zari Hassan with Bryan White

However, ever since Zari unveiled Choppa shortly after news had gone viral that Diamond  is slated to wed Tanzanian singer Zuchu, who is pregnant with his child, many people on  social media have been chiding her for being one of the women in the world with the highest record oof breakups.

This is because Zari has in the past dated several men and produced children with some of them, although for reasons best known to her, all these relationships have crumbled.

Besides Diamond and her later husband Don Ivan Ssemwanga, with   whom they had separated by the time he died, some of the men Zari has dated in the past in Farouk Ssempala, former ace basketball star Isaac Lugudde, Dark Stallion, Danny Karls alias King Bae, Dark Stallion, Bryan White, a Mzungu, Rasta Rob, among others.

Zari Hassan romancing former lover Farouk Ssempala

But in a bid to shut up  all those people who feel concerned about her relationships, Zari has since shared a video on Instagram in which she tells them to mind their own business, because whatever she does is for her own happiness and not theirs.

Zari Hassan with King Bae

‘…Look guys, my happiness entirely belongs to me. I don’t care how much you want to have your input. In the true sense you’ve never contributed anything to my life,” Zari says in the video.

Zari Hassan with Dark Stallion

She added; “….Your opinions, you know I come to think of it; they have never paid my bills. So, in the process I’m gonna do what makes Zari. I don’t care if you don’t approve. I don’t care who I annoy or who  I’m gonna hurt in the process…coz at the end of the day it’s gonna be about what makes me happy and who I wanna be with. So, I would appreciate if you kept your true sense and opinions to yourself.”

Zari Hassan with basketball player Isaac Lugudde


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