Minister Rukutana Shoots Voters During NRM Primaries, Faces Arrest Over Attempted Murder

Minister Rukutana Shoots Voters During NRM Primaries, Faces Arrest Over Attempted Murder

By Mable Nakibuuka

Mwesigwa Rukutana, the Minister for Gender and former Deputy Attorney General, has become dishonorable and could be arrested soon over allegations of attempted murder, after he shot at car of his opponent’s supporters, injuring its occupants.

Our Sources reveal trouble started when supporters of Rukutana’s  opponent Naome Kabasharira in the Ntungamo District, Rushenyi County, National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries that were held on Friday September 4th, 2020, exerted a lot of pressure on him that he couldn’t take it any more.

Following his loss to Kabasharira, Rukutana and his bodyguards allegedly blocked a Rav4 vehicle registration number UAX 840X, which had some of Kabasharira’s supporters among them Dan Rwaburingyi, a popular politician in Ntungamo District.

Following the blockage at Rubaare, in Ntungamo District, Rukutana grabbed an AK-47 rifle from his bodyguards and shot at the occupants in the vehicle, despite the fact that they had not wronged him in any way or threatened his life.

According to footage of a video that has since gone viral on social media, Rukutana was filmed grabbing a gun from his police and army bodyguards, before he shot at Rwaburingyi, who was in the Rav4 vehicle together with others. He shot through the back and the sides of the car, smashing all its windows.

One of the victims of Rukutana’s shooting nursing injuries

We have learnt that the NRM primaries Elections in Ntungamo District, Rushenyi County have since been postponed.

Dan Rwaburingyi sustained injuries after Rukutana shooting at his vehicle

The NRM Electoral Commission Registrar, Maria Mirembe Baitwa decided to postpone the elections and said a new date for polls would be communicated.

Rukutana Speaks Out
It is not yet clear why Rukutana decided to shoot the Kabasharira’s supporters, instead of letting his bodyguards handle the matter, but he has since come out to defend himself, saying that he wanted to secure himself from armed people.

Naome Kabasharira who is contesting against Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana


“These people were armed. They came to my farm and blocked my family members from leaving our home,” Rukutana told a local media house in Kampala.
He added that; ““My guards went and urged them to leave but they refused. So I was trying to secure myself.”

The Rav4 vehicle that Rukutana shot at

However, his rivals in Rushenyi allege that he was wetting the beaks of voters within his home village and Kabasharira’s supporters had gone there to gather evidence when the shooting occurred.

However, by the time of filing this story, the police were yet to issue a statement about this unfortunate event and whether Minister Rukutana will be summoned to record a statement about the same or not.

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