Mixed Reactions In Kampala Over Covid Relief Funds

Mixed Reactions In Kampala Over Covid Relief Funds

By Sadam Muballe

Residents in Kampala suburbs are crying out to the government, to fasten the process and fulfil the covid relief funds that were promised to the vulnerable persons in urban centres.

Whereas some locals mostly from Kira town in Wakiso district have received their covid relief cash, the majority in Kampala metropolitan region have not.

According to the ministry of gender, labour and social development, the guidelines for sending cash are on a first come first serve basis, and those that are receiving submitted their names earlier.

According to Namulondo Hadija, a single mother of three and a resident of Nakulabye in Kampala says the government ought to consider Kampala metropolitan region while issuing out relief cash since it was the most affected by the lockdown

I heard that they started issuing cash to other districts like Arua, why not us, at least for them they have food, they can farm, but us nothing, Kampala is the most affected and yet it’s not prioritised, this is not fair” she said.

Whereas boda boda cyclists are among the vulnerable persons that were singled out by the government as beneficiaries of cash relief aid, some we spoke to say they have never received a text message on their mobile phones notifying them of cash relief. We have never seen any text message notifying us of money, the government should fasten the process otherwise the situation is very bad, we have nothing to eat and our landlords are on our necks” said Moses Kigongo, a boda boda cyclist at Kabugo stage Makerere.

While the presidential directive was to the effect that boda boda riders remain on the road on conditions they carry cargo, some say, it has been hard for one to trust a boda boda he has not dealt with before which has made it even difficult.

During a press conference at Uganda media centre the minister of gender, labour and social development Hon. Betty Amongi Akena noted that the laborious process involved in verifying the names of beneficiaries has partly delayed the process but promised that before the end of this week, those who have not received will start getting their cash.

The Honourable said She expects the distribution of the Covid19 Relief Fund to end very soon because 75% of the beneficiaries have received their money.

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