Model Ainebintu ‘Makes Love’ To Dog

Model Ainebintu ‘Makes Love’ To Dog


By Exposed Uganda

The desire to become famous  can make people do all sorts of things all in the name of fame.

Some pose nude or leak their sex videos or become gay while others do all sorts of weird things   for the limelight.
Ainebintu is seen kissing the dog called Husk in this picture

However, city model Laura Karungi aka Ainebintu has taken  her desire for fame to another new level, after being snapped kissed a dog recently.

In the photos which she captioned ‘Dog Is Man’s Best Friend’, she describes the dog called Husk as a ‘Lovely Beast’

Model Laura Karungi aka Ainebintu in the forest

According to African traditional culture, it is an abomination  for  a person to kiss a dog, or have any intimate relationship with it.

However,  these cultural norms seem to be archaic to modern day ‘Immunized Bazukulu’ like Ainebintu and others of her generation.

Ainebintu donning a two-piece bikini

A renowned city party animal, Ainebintu, a close friend of Doreen Kabareebe, is one of the most randy models in Kampala.

She  recently released a salacious photoshoot dubbed ‘Adam Eve’ which sent tongues wagging  and left eyes popping because of the kinky snapshots it involves.

However, she has since left many of her fans flabbergasted after  being snapped kissing a dog.

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