Mowzey Radio’s Baby Mama Mbabazi Gets Ballooned?

Mowzey Radio’s Baby Mama Mbabazi Gets Ballooned?

By Ivan Mwine

If word coming in from our Moles is anything to go by, then fallen singer Moses Sekibogo aka Mowzey Radio’s widow Lillian Mbabazi is likely to be baking a bun in her oven.

This comes after Moles who bumped into Mbabazi at Kololo during the Janzi Awards ceremony revealed that she is gaining weight at supersonic speed and becoming more round each day that dawns.
Lilian Mbabazi performing at Kololo during the Janzi Awards Ceremony

The Moles who closely spotted her reveal that the circumference of Mbabazi’s tummy has expanded so much that she is soon becoming plump due to her bulging situation.

It should be noted that although Mbabazi had two kids with Mowzey Radio prior to his death in 2017 the two were living apart after she had fled the Gooodlyfe Neverland mansion in Makindye, a city suburb.

Mbabazi with pals in the VIP tent

Since Mowzey Radio’s demise however Mbabazi, who is not publicly known to have hooked up another man, has lived a very seclusive lifestyle, whereby she had decided to keep out of the limelight until the Janzi awards dragged her out of hibernation.

Mbabazi’s tummy bulging at supersonic speed

Meanwhile, we have established that Mowzey Radio scooped the Janzi Award for Outstanding Legendary Artiste and the accolade was received by Mbabazi, who represented him and thrilled the audience by performing most of his songs.

The music icon died in 2017 after he fell and hit his head on a pavement following a brawl at a bar in Entebbe that left him with multiple skull injuries which eventually caused his death after spending days in hospital.

Watch this space for an update about Mbabazi’s supposed germinating Seed which is coming your way soon.

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