MPs Worried After Deputy Speaker Oulanyah  Goes Missing For Months As Ex-Wife Gets Ready To Drop Baby For Mzungu Hubby

MPs Worried After Deputy Speaker Oulanyah  Goes Missing For Months As Ex-Wife Gets Ready To Drop Baby For Mzungu Hubby

By Mable Nakibuuka

Members of Parliament have raised concern about the continued absence of  the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah.

The legislators raised the concern on Tuesday, after observing that although Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has a deputy, Oulanyah, he has been missing from parliament for months now, without any communication from him.

The MPs wondered why Speaker Kadaga is chairing Parliament at a time when she would be mourning the loss of her niece, Sheila Nicole Alitwala, who passed away on Monday.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga doesn’t know where her Deputy Jacob Oulanyah is

The Matter was raised by  Koboko Distrist Woman MP Margaret Baba Diri, who said that; “Madam Speaker, first of all I send sincere my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your beloved daughter. But Madam Speaker you have a deputy. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t be seated here. However, I wonder where he is because right now you would have been grieving with your family.”

She added that; “Madam Speaker you have a deputy who should help you with your duties, but I would like to ask; where is the Deputy Speaker? For long we have not seen him. Is he sick?  Where is he to help you at this critical moment?”

However, Speaker Kadaga could not answer Hon. Baba’s questions because she also doesn’t know where her Deputy is.

Meanwhile, we recently revealed how Oulanyah’s ex-wife Winnie Amoo Okot aka Lady Winnie had hooked another man, an American identified as Derek Allison, whom pals say has since ballooned her.

However, Moles reveal that what is giving Oulanyah sleepless nights is that the ex-wife has since surrendered his two daughters to her American husband and he is the one they are calling ‘Daddy’ nowadays, something that is a taboo according to African culture.

Moles  also intimate that Lady Winnie and Allison have since started shopping for the forthcoming bundle of joy as they brainstorm about the name they will choose to give the tot.

We shall keep updating  you as and when Oulanyah reappears, because he is literary Missing In Action (MIA) after he went Away Without Official Leave (AWOL)!



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