Mukono Youth Start Up New Soccer Club For Ghetto Youth To Beat COVID-19 Idleness

Mukono Youth Start Up New Soccer Club For Ghetto Youth To Beat COVID-19 Idleness

By Ivan Mwine
A group of youth in Mukono district have started up a new football club known as Rock FC, that is composed of mainly ghetto kids.

The  team is made up of ghetto kids aged between 10 and 15 years old, who have decided to resort to playing football following the lengthy closure of schools in Uganda because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has rendered many of them idle.

Managed by renowned Mukono businessman and farmer Moses Lubega, Rock FC is based in Kiwanga zone, Goma Division, Mukono district, where it has setĀ upĀ training grounds.

Talking to this website, Lubega said that he came up with the idea of starting up the team after observing that there are several talented teenagers in ghettos but many of them are getting wasted because there is no one to help them promote their talents.

Team Rock FC at their training grounds

“Instead of letting these teenagers get wasted on drugs, alcoholism and engaging in crime, it is better to keep them busy through encouraging them to play football,” Lubega said.

He added that; “Because of COVID-19 many children have been out of school for long, hence becoming so idle and are engaging in things that are destructive to their lives. But soccer will help them avoid such and give them a focus for the future.”

He also noted that after developing Rock FC to a standard level, he will start organising tournaments with teenage teams in Mukono and other districts with an aim of promoting football talent across the country.

Lubega also revealed that he plans to set up a soccer academy in a few months to come such that all players under Rock FC can be trained into professional footballers.

The team coach, Issa Ndawula, said that currently what Rock FC needs most is support from all well-wishers  and Good Samaritans to help them acquire the necessary logistics.

“We need to buy stuff like balls, training kits, jerseys, boots, socks and others that are necessary for a football team,” Ndawula said.

He added that they welcome all forms of support and sponsorship from government, private individuals and organisations such that they can develop the budding soccer team as they give ghetto teenagers better hope for the future.

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