‘Mukula Demanded To See Size Of My Twin Towers During Job Interview’-Slay Queen Spills Secrets

‘Mukula Demanded To See Size Of My Twin Towers During Job Interview’-Slay Queen Spills Secrets

By Ivan Mwine

A city slay queen identified as Kwase Dian, who goes by the moniker Nyina’abarongo, which can be loosely translated to mean ‘I have Twin Towers’ has opened a can of worms for former minister Capt. Mike Mukula.

Trouble for Mukula started when  some tweeps started trolling him over the  GAVI money scandal which he got involved in some years back, although  the matter was later settled by court after he refunded the money he had allegedly  misappropriated, to the tune of Shs210m.


However, as Mukula tried to defend himself on twitter by sharing all the documents pertaining to the case in a bid to prove his innocence, Nyina’abarongo came out of nowhere and confessed that he demanded to see the size of her Twinnies when she had gone to his office for a job interview.

“Talk to me nicely I tell you the day when he asked for the length of my enfuli when I showed up for a job interview at one of his companies,” Nyina’abarongo tweeted Thursday.

She added shortly thereafter that; “For perspective, he has/had a printing company. Last I checked the printing company was at Diamond Trust Building(that’s where I did the interview from)….and I was working at Nasser rd. His assistant was oba called Hanifah.  And I was still fresh outtta campus. Innocent and naïve….”

Nyina’abarongo went ahead to reveal that  after she publicly confessed about Mukula’s mannerism of demanding to see her Twinnies, several other girls who have suffered the same fate at his hands also confessed the same.

“Bro, brave of you to assume I can delete shit. Not if I now have DMs from other girls that have gone thru the same shit with HIM. Drones can come for me for all I care.”

Well, guys, it is not yet clear whether what Nyina’abarongo is alleging is true or not   but what is certain  is  that the moment tweeted, he blocked some of his followers who were following her thread.

However, our efforts to reach Mukula on phone to ask him for a comment about her allegations were futile  because he could not be reached through his known phone contacts.

Watch this space for details about this scandal and more of Mukula’s long-hidden.

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