Museveni Warns Bloggers Against Rumours About Kabaka Mutebi’s Death  

Museveni Warns Bloggers Against Rumours About Kabaka Mutebi’s Death  

By Our Reporter

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has warned all Ugandans and social media bloggers to desist from spreading fake news about Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s health condition.

Museveni, whose remarks come at a time when many of Kabaka’s subjects in Buganda kingdom are on tenterhooks because of the uncertainty surrounding his health status, said that whoever is spreading the rumours should watch out, because the kingdom has established structures to relay such sensitive communication.

Museveni said that; “You social media is becoming a center of certain behavior. Somebody can just put anything on that social media then they waste time. Like I heard, somebody was saying that someone had poisoned Kabaka Mutebi. That’s what I heard. Then later on I heard that he had died or something like that. How can people behave like that? Imagine how can you announce that somebody is dead  yet they are still alive?”

He added that; “If anything happens to his highness the Kabaka, the people to announce it are there. The palace the Katikiro is there. You the social media contributor how do you come to be the one to announce what is happening to the Kabaka? You don’t have enough decency to say ‘I don’t know this, let me wait for those in the know to explain’. So those people we shall go for them. The police is already looking for those people. I hope they have already got them, so that they explain why they really want to ‘Okanga abantu’ (Scare people).”

We have learnt that the President has  since directed the police and intelligence agencies in Uganda to investigate the matter and arrest all the culprits involved in spreading these unfounded rumours.

Museveni’s remarks came after news circulated on social media indicating that the Kabaka had died, although the  Buganda kingdom Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga refuted the allegations and asserted that the Kabaka is in good health and reigning over his kingdom without any problems.

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