Musician Grace Khan Ballooned By Prince Omar

Musician Grace Khan Ballooned By Prince Omar

By Ivan Mwine

Word coming in from our Moles indicates that popular musician  Grace Namuluya aka Grace Khan is counting down months before she drops her firstborn, thanks to fellow singer Umar Mukose aka Prince Omar, who is said to have ballooned her.

Moles following Grace Khan reveal that she has been playing nocturnal games with Prince Omar for several months until a few weeks ago when her lifestyle started changing.

I didn't join music to look beautiful – Singer Grace Khan hits back at  haters who think she's 'ugly' – Watchdog Uganda
Grace Khan

From getting frequent mood swings to developing a strange appetite for things like baked clay, raw mangoes and others, Grace’s pals were starting to wonder what was happening to her until they observed recently that she is even weight, especially around her belly region.

Singer Prince Omar Reportedly Chewing Grace Khan, Source Reveals | Celeb  Patrol UG
Grace khan and Prince Omar are said to be in a relationship.

Besides the strange appetites and cravings, her Pals also intimate that Grace is nowadays doing lots of shopping like all expectant moms, as if in preparation of the forthcoming bundle of joy.

Am Not Pregnant ” – Singer Grace Khan Speaks Out ( Video) – Central Press  Syndicate – Uganda

However, what’s worrying many of her pals is that although Prince Omar has been chewing Grace’s Goodies for a long time, he prefers to remain silent about the matter.

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