‘My Son Did Not Rape Anybody, Let Him Enjoy His Life’-Tamale Mirundi

‘My Son Did Not Rape Anybody, Let Him Enjoy His Life’-Tamale Mirundi

By Mable Nakibuuka


Controversial journalist Tamale Mirundi has lashed out at Ugandans  who are bombarding him with calls  to ask him about whether he is okay with his son Tamale Mirundi Jr dating singer Big Eye’s ex-lover Nalongo Sheila Nandege aka Don Zella.

Don Zella, a mother of three kids (one from Big Eye and two from her Mzungu pensioner) has been feasting on Tamale Mirundi’s Sausage for several months, until a few days ago when she flooded social media platforms with pictures of them cuddling, romancing and kissing.


We are told that ever since the pictures went viral, Mirundi senior’s phone has been ringing off the hook, with hundreds of his followers asking him about his take on his son’s relationship.

But the mortar-mouthed Mirundi has since assured all these so-called Ugandans to mind their business and let his son enjoy life.

“Did he rape anyone? Did he commit a crime?  What do you expect of someone who spends most of his time with celebrities? He is usually in the groups of the Bobi Wines, so what else do you  expect of him,” Tamale, who was appearing on one of the local TV stations for an interview said Sunday.

He added that; “By the way I have other children and I would have been surprised if one of them had done this boy did. Two of my children are lawyers; one works at parliament while the other majored in petroleum law in Scotland. The other two are agriculturalists. I would have been shocked in any of them had done what this one did.”

It should however be noted that besides Mirundi Jr and Big Eye, Don Zella has in the past  been linked to several men, among them singers Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo, Don MC Kapata, promoter Suudi Lukwago aka Suudiman, to mention but a few.


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