Mzungu Grandma Pumps Billions In Eddy Kenzo

Mzungu Grandma Pumps Billions In Eddy Kenzo

By Ivan Mwine

Popular musician Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo is  living larger than life after he recently got in touch a Mzungu Grandma identified as Maria Prean who has since reportedly adopted him.

Our Moles within his Big Talent group, which has offices along Salaama Road, reveal that Kenzo is nowadays spending a lot of time in Mukono town, where Grandma Prean is erecting a multibillion complex that will house his soccer academy and other projects, including a school.

We are told that Prean adopted Kenzo following the demise of her other adopted son Rich Katts who passed away a few years in a nasty accident.

It is said that when Prean adopted Kenzo, she asked him what he would want her to do and the first thing he suggested to her was a school.

So in a bid to fulfill his dreams, Moles reveal that Prean bought 10 acres of land in Mukono where Kenzo is to set up the multibillion project.

As a result of this, we are told Kenzo is planning to rent an apartment in Mukono  town such that that he can easily supervise and oversee the project on behalf of Prean,  who is always traveling in and out of the country.   

Once the complex is completed, Moles reveal that Kenzo will shift his soccer academy from Makindye where he is renting facilities to its new home which will be in Mukono and thereafter he is expected to shift from Buziga too, where he bought a house.

Prean is  a wealthy Austrian elderly lady who has been living in Uganda for several years and she is known for her popular NGO Vision Africa, which caters for orphans  and other vulnerable children in a bid to educate them and nurture their talents.  

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