Naira Ali Joins Cindy Sanyu, Sheebah Supremacy War

Naira Ali Joins Cindy Sanyu, Sheebah Supremacy War

By Ivan Mwine

There is a vicious supremacy war raging on between singers Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi, which has since sucked in Naira Ali, although it is likely to become bloody soon.

Moles reveal that Naira recently joined the war between Cindy and Sheebah after she came out to allege that some musicians like Sheebah can only thrive by paying media personalities, bloggers and other people to promote their music.

It should be noted that Cindy and Sheebah’s is war is purely of a supremacy nature, whereby each of them claims to be better than the other.

Gorgeous Sheebah Karungi

However, matters between them have escalated however after Naira Ali penned  a statement on social media in which she scoffs at musicians  who literally pay everyone in the media industry and bloggers to promote their music.    

Naira Ali wrote; “You pay for your song to get on countdowns, pay presenters to praise you,you exercise pay per play for your songs, you pay bloggers to praise you, you boast your social media’s for following, you generate YouTube views monitorily, almost every media person is on your payroll,you surbotage other artists music playing and there’s absolutely nowhere your music goes deliberately if not paid for and then you claim you’re the best. Amazing!!”

Naira Ali’s social media post

Although Naira Ali did not directly attack Sheebah, her close ally Cindy has since jumped onto her post and spread it widely all over social media, with the caption; “Thanks for speaking up @nairaaliofficial.”

Sexy Naira Ali

Many of Sheebah’s fans have however  interpreted the attack as an indirect attack on their Swag Mama, because she recently made it publicly known that her views of YouTube have since surpassed the 1,000,000 mark.

Although while announcing her great achievement was seen as positive on Sheebah’s music careers, many other people like Cindy and Naira Ali don’t think so and instead regard her gesture as being boastful.

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