Named: Top Musicians Headlining Museveni’s Presidential Campaigns

Named: Top Musicians Headlining Museveni’s Presidential Campaigns


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza 

Although candidate  Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine might have managed to attract several musicians, influencers and other social media personalities on his side, there are musicians who refuse to support him and think he doesn’t have what it takes to make a good president.

President Yoweri Museveni in Luwero

This team of focused and visionary musicians have since decided to rally behind President Yoweri Museveni and other National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates.

Although the list is very long, here are some of the popular artistes that are headlining President Museveni’s campaign;

Bebe Cool

Celebrated musician Moses aka Ssali Bebe Cool has never hidden his disdain for Bobi Wine, whom he considers marginally talented when it comes to music and leadership. A few months ago when asked what he thought about Bobi Wine’s political goal,  Bebe Cool said that at best he (Bobi) will make money for himself from donors  and put his family and friends in influential positions.


Ragga Dee

Daniel Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee is a veteran dancehall musician, whose talent has moved many people over the years. The Easy-going musician has made it clear through his TV appearances that he is a staunch supporter of President Museveni and the NRM  as a whole.


Ronald Mayinja

The ‘Akalulu’ singer set social media on fire when he released a Pro-Museveni campaign song that has since left many opposition politicians and their supporters furious. Bobi Wine’s supporters have since hurled abuses, insults and curses at him, part of which he says made him cross from People Power to Museveni’s camp.


Catherine Kusasira

The Luwero born singer has been there for NRM and President Museveni  for several years, often attacking fellow artistes who oppose him. In a recent interview with a local TV station, Kusasira  said that Museveni has done many good things for  her and that she will not leave NRM anytime soon.


 Phina Masanyalaze

She has performed at NRM campaigns before and going by the photos with Catherine Kusasira that were posted on social media yesterday it seems she will be doing exactly the same thing as we head to the January 14th elections.


Big Eye

Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye might be one of those people with one foot in NRM and another elsewhere, but this time round he seems decided. His viral photo wearing a yellow beret and handing out yellow T-shirts in Luwero at the launch of President Museveni’s campaigns indicates that he will be firmly behind NRM candidates during campaigns.


Bosmic Otim

Museveni caught a ‘big fish’ in the northern Uganda music fraternity when he managed to convince this influential Acholi musician, who was a staunch Bobi Wine supporter, to join his side. Otim was recently nominated to represent Chua West in parliament on the NRM ticket.


Rasta Charz

You can’t mention musicians in Ankole sub-region and leave out his name. He might not have recent hits to write home about but he is well known in that part of Uganda for his influence and ability to garner support for politicians. With Rasta Charz on Museveni’s side, the entire western region is already in check!

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