Narrow Escape: Singer Ykee Benda Cheats Death In Deadly Accident

Narrow Escape: Singer Ykee Benda Cheats Death In Deadly Accident


By Mable Nakibuuka

Celebrated Ugandan RnB singer Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda is still thanking his ancestors for saving his life, after he survived a nasty accident on Sunday evening.

Our Moles intimate that Ykee Benda is nursing wounds and his face is stitched up after his saloon car was rammed into by another vehicle in Makindye, Kampala, which destroyed it beyond repair.
Pals say a drink is Ykee Benda’s best friend these days

Ykee Benda, whom pals say was driving home after an evening out with his family, was rushed together with his son and baby mama to a nearby medical centre where they received first aid and treatment for the wounds they had sustained.

Ykee Benda with his son Dante and Mama Dante

The singer on Monday morning posted pictures of his bruised face stitched up and the wreckage of his car, which he captioned; “Thank You God for another chance to live. Got an accident with my family my son Dante & his mother Julie Batenga who didn’t get any problem. We thank God for a second chance.”

Ykee Benda tweeted pictures of the wreckage and his stitched-up faceHowever, although the police are yet to issue a statement about Ykee Benda’s accident and what really caused it, it is not clear whether at the time of driving he had guzzled some pints or any other hard stuff, although we shall bring the details when the singer is in position to give an interview or a comment.

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