NBS Katchup Vixen Nagawa Quits NBS For TM Tv

NBS Katchup Vixen Nagawa Quits NBS For TM Tv

By Simon Abaho

Best known for her appearances as a dancer on NBS television’s entertainment shows, Catherine Nagawa has thrown in the towel and quit her job at the Naguru based media house. 

Sexy Video Vicen Leaves Nbs Tv

Nagawa is officially an employee of media personality Justine Nameere’s TM Television which is located in Masaka. 

According to announcements made by the TV, Nagawa will be presenting a show titled “Palapase, the daily tea” together with blogger Ray Supasta. 

She used to be part of the Dancing team On the NBS KATCHUP show every friday.

The TV officially went on air on 3rd October this year. 

TM TV is the new TV station owned by Justin Nameere.
Justine Nameere Owns the Masaka Based Tv

Viewers have been promised to expect a range of entertaining and educating shows Including Real Life Stories which will be presented by Nameere herself, Address Yo, Emikolo Gituwuba, Tusimbude Ku Sawa emu among others. 

Gorgeous Catherine Nagawa on Nbs Katchup show

TM TV is the first Television station in Masaka and only employs Masaka-born youths aged below 35 except for top management.

Recently she headlines when a set tape video that was released, had a girl who kind of looks like her moaning due to the sweetness of the escaped.

She came through her socials to denie the allegations of her being the one in the video , we cant confirm whether it what caused the split with the Naguru Based Television.

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