NBS TV Presenter Canary Causes Shock As He Arrives In A Heavily Guarded Car

NBS TV Presenter Canary Causes Shock As He Arrives In A Heavily Guarded Car

By Simon Abaho

NBS TV news anchor, Canary Mugume has left netizens whispering after turning up for lunch heavily guarded as a government official.

In the video making rounds on social media, Canary turned up for for lunch in a Land Cruiser V8 escorted by police. As it is the same treatment for VIP, the V8 stopped and the police escort opened the door for canary before moving into the restaurant.


This has caused debate on the internet as concerned netizens ask if he is a government official. This has made him trend No1 currently om twitter.

To remind netizens, Canary is in the class of his own. In September, he wedded long term girlfriend, Fiona Nagirinya aka Sasha Ferguson in an estimated one billion ceremony.

An average Ugandan journalist cannot afford such a party. A case in point; NTV’s Raymond Mujuni wedded weeks after Canary and his budget was not even half of the NBS TV news anchor.

We were told that Canary and Sasha reside in expensive mansion in Buziga.

We believe you have a hint about Canary Mugume now!


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