NBS TV Scribe Agaba In Fear After He Gets Death Threats From Police Officer

NBS TV Scribe Agaba In Fear After He Gets Death Threats From Police Officer

By Ivan Mwine

Popular NBS TV journalist Mark Agaba, who is famously known as Uncle Mark, is living in fear of his life after a police officer identified as PC Joseph Mugabe F/No. 61497 allegedly threatened him with death.

According to Agaba, trouble for him started a few months back, when he lent some money to Mugabe, who surrendered his duty identity card No. 41672 as collateral security, promising to pay the debt after a few days.

Agaba’s tweet about Mugabe’s threats

However, several months down the road he tried to notify  Mugabe that his time for pay up has long elapsed.

That was after the police officer had ignored all calls and messages reminding him about the debt.

To Agaba’s shock however, the next time he contacted Mugabe via WhatsApp, the police officer  replied  him with death threats.
According to leaked  WhatsApp messages seen by this reporter, Mugabe  assures Agaba that ‘…his  death is inevitable and that it’s coming soon…”

Mark Agaba aka Uncle Mark with his bosses Kin Kariisa and Joseph Kigozi

“So a few months ago, I lent a Police officer some money, as He sent me his card as collateral. On time of payment, he decides to dodge my phone calls. Two months of dodging me, I decided to report to his boss. A few days later, he threatens to take my life. @PoliceUg,” Agaba wrote on social media about the threats.

However, it should be noted that although Agaba is yet to file a formal complaint against Mugabe, it should be noted that such threats are not to be taken lightly, especially if they are coming from an armed  police officer, given the prevalence of violent gun crimes perpetrated by armed security personnel in the recent past




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