NBS TV Star Annatalia Ozze Welcomes  First Bundle Of Joy, Keeps Baby Daddy Top Secret

NBS TV Star Annatalia Ozze Welcomes  First Bundle Of Joy, Keeps Baby Daddy Top Secret

By Ivan Mwine

Popular NBS TV presenter Annatalia Ruth Nambooze aka Annatalia Ozze is counting her blessings after she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl over the weekend.

Annatalia, who has been off TV for months after she went on a labour leave, announced the good news on social media after she posted pictures of the baby with the caption; “She finally made her way into our loving arms on 1st/07/22, From a room of my womb to this world. Welcome my darling Charlie Kafumbe.”

Annatalia Ozze shared snaps of her baby on social media

Many of her pals and fans have since rained blessings and congratulations unto the new mother.

However, besides congratulating her, many of Annatalia’s pals on social media have since started bombarding her with questions about the baby daddy and why she  prefers to keep him a top secret.

Actually, Annatalia has over time kept her relationship out of the public realm so much so that she took many of her followers and pals by surprise when her pregnancy started showing.

Actually, Moles intimate that Annatalia would rather walk to the moon and back than divulge  details about her baby daddy, for reasons best known to her.

The gorgeous TV star who tried a hand at politics in the past general election hosts ‘Uncut Sabula’, a popular celebrity gossip show.



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