NBS TV Star Gashumba-Crysto Panda Beef Takes Ugly Twist As List Of Zubras She Has Swallowed Leaks

NBS TV Star Gashumba-Crysto Panda Beef Takes Ugly Twist As List Of Zubras She Has Swallowed Leaks

By Ivan Mwine

TV star Sheilah Gashumba, who hosts the NBS TV After 5 show with MC Kats and others, is celebrating  her 26th birthday.

However, at a time when we all expect her to be enjoying such a memorable moment, Gashumba is  involved in bitter beef  with dancehall star Crysto Panda, after she reportedly criticized his music a few days ago while on her TV show.


However, ever since she criticized Crysto Panda it was as if she opened a can of worms for herself, because not a day goes by with Gashumba receiving a jibe from his camp.

Now the latest we have from the Crystal Panda camp is that a list of some of the numerous men whose Zubra’s  she has chewed for the 26 years she has been around has leaked and they include but are not limited to the following;

Rickman Rick

Sheilah Gashumba with current lover Rickman Rick

This one was until recently based in Switzerland, where he was struggling to build a music career, although he is a musician. After failing to make it on the pitch in Switzerland where he was based for over seven years, Rickman   has since decided to return to Uganda and build his music career, with Gashumba as his manager cum bonkmate.

Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan

Gashumba hooked up Rickman following the collapse of her relationship with God’s Plan, a flashy city socialite. Had She hooked up with God’s Plan a few years back and her romping with him caused trouble between them and her father Frank Gashumba, who had refused to approve of him as a viable son-in-law. When Gashumba and daughter fell out because of God’s Plan, she decided to move out of his home and started cohabiting with him at Speke Apartments where he had rented an apartment.

Gashumba with God’s Plan before they split

However, their romping didn’t last long after he reduced the money he was spending on her and instead started chopping it with other stay slay queens, among them TV star Zahara Totto. It wasn’t long before she dumped him and even erased the tattoo of his name from her body.

Fik Fameica

Gashumba dumped Fik Fameica to hook up God’s Plan

He is one of Uganda’s celebrated rappers and dancehall kings who was deeply in love with Gashumba, although she was more after the wallet than the Zubra. After dating Fameica for some months, Gashumba didn’t hesitate to dump when God’s Plan came flashing a few dollars in her face, on top of promising her heaven on earth. She left Fameica sulking and the best he could do was to drop a song titled ‘Tobilobelamu’ in which he was reportedly stinging her.

Young Mulo

She sampled Yungg Mulo’s Zubra too

This one is also a musician who is famously known for his one-hit-wonder ‘Tebakusobola’, which he dropped after falling out with Jose Chameleone’s Leone Island team. However, theirs was more of a fling than a relationship because the moment his star stopped shining, she was quick to dump him and move on with Fameika, who was a hot item then.

Ray Hushpuppi

Gashumba with Ray Hushpuppi in Dubai

Around 2018 Gashumba hooked up with a Nigerian socialite identified as Hushpuppi, who injected some dime in her that completely changed her lifestyle. During their heydays, Gashumba and Hushpuppi would go on luxurious holidays in Dubai, Lagos and other parts of the world where they often shared hotel rooms.  But whatever happened between them was either a fling or he just wanted to taste her Sumbie, because it didn’t last long.


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