NBS TV Star Gashumba, Lover Rick Manrick Romance On Camera

NBS TV Star Gashumba, Lover Rick Manrick Romance On Camera

By Ivan Mwine

The rate at which NBS TV star Sheilah Gashumba is enjoying passionate moments with her new singing lover  Rick Manrick has left many of their fans praying that their romantic affair does not end in tears, the way it was with socialite  Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan.

Word coming in from our Moles is that Sheilah and her lover Manrick over the weekend decided to leak on social media a video in which they are romancing ferociously.

Gashumba caressing Manrick

In the video that our Moles have since seen, Sheilah and Manrick, who are naked except for the tiles they wrapped around their nakedness, are seen smooching and canoodling while they giggle like a teenage couple that has just bonked for the first time.

Gashumba and Manrick romancing in the video

According to the video, it is likely that the two lovers filmed themselves  shortly after they had just enjoyed a steamy shower in a hotel room and you can all guess what happened while they were in the shower and thereafter!

Sheilah Gashumba with Rick Manrick

Sheilah and Manrick have been feasting on themselves for several months now ever since they hooked up following her separation with God’s Plan, with whom she was cohabiting at Speke Apartments.

She started cohabiting with God’s Plan after falling out with her father Frank Gashumba, a popular rights activist, who didn’t approve of their relationship.

However,  Moles reveal that Sheilah and God’s Plan fell out after they developed sex woes involving counter-accusations of offside bonkings, whereby she faulted him for juggling her with several babes, among them NBS TV star Zahara Totto.


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