NBS TV Star Gashumba Takes ‘Kwetega’ To Another Level With Raunchy Bikini Shots  

NBS TV Star Gashumba Takes ‘Kwetega’ To Another Level With Raunchy Bikini Shots  

By Ivan Mwine

At this rate, social activist cum moralist Frank Gashumba should either find a man to marry off his daughter Sheila Gashumba, or at least lecture her about the dignity of a woman.

Guys, you all know that famous word ‘Kwetega’, which loosely means a woman indirectly sending out a message to potential suitors that she is available to be chewed!

Bikini-clad Sheilah Gashumba flaunts her Goodies

Well, Sheilah, who is a host on NBS TV, has taken her Kwetega to another level by sharing on Instagram very raunchy bikini snapshots that almost leave nothing to imagination.

For reasons best known to her, Moles reveal that Sheila went for vacation in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and while there, she had a very salacious bikini photoshoot and she has since decided to plaster her social media platforms with these very mouthwatering snaps.

NBS TV star Sheilah Gashumba chillaxing in Zanzibar

However, her exact intention as to why she is sharing these sensational snaps is yet to be established, although to some netizens, it seems her mission is to either cause global scrotal eruptions or tempt dudes into hooking her up.

It should be noted that Sheilah has so far been unlucky in love, following the collapse of her relationships with socialite Marcus  Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan and popular musician Derrick Dungu alias Rickmanrick.

Sheilah looks to be so lonely and in need of someone to touch her body

It should be recalled that Rickmanrick snatched Sheilah from God’s Plan, who was once his friend and enjoyed her Sumbie until she reportedly decided to serve it to Nigerian musician Ruger, which resulted into their split.

Since then, the TV star has not been known to publicly date any man, perhaps reason why she has since resorted to this kind of ‘Kwetega’!



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