Netizens Task Gov’t To Appoint Musisi Uganda’s Tourism Ambassador

Netizens Task Gov’t To Appoint Musisi Uganda’s Tourism Ambassador


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

If travel enthusiasts and social media users manage to it their way, then soon Vince Musisi, a prominent music producer and renowned avid traveller could be appointed Uganda’s tourism ambassador.

This is because social media users, particularly members of the now popular Tulambule group, think that if there is one person who deserves to be recognized for promoting local tourism then it’s Musisi.

Indeed not a week a goes by without him informing social media users members about his escapades in the wilderness.

People who love traveling say Musisi’s social media posts make them feel like they are missing out and need to pack their bags to go visit one of  Uganda’s many tourist sites that he has visited.

Writing about him, one of Uganda’s tourism enthusiasts identified as Amooti George, wrote that for the last half of the year Musisi has aggressively showed the online world how beautiful the Pearl of Africa is.

Another Facebook user who goes by the name Mukiga Traveller, wrote that Musisi’s posts make one want to get out of their comfort zone and explore the beautiful motherland.

Many of his followers believe Vince Musisi should be appointed Tourism Ambassador

She added that he makes even regular travellers feel like there are other places they haven’t explored.

She ended her message by adding that his passion for travel is contagious and she thinks the tourism ambassador should be someone who doesn’t seem to be stage-managed.

However, not everyone thinks Musisi would make a good tourism ambassador.

What Kojo had to say about Vince Musisi being appointed Tourism Ambassador

Kojo Cyril,  a well-known social media personality and administrator of the Tulambule Facebook  group,  wrote a lengthy post explaining why he thinks the former boyfriend of NTV journalist Josephine Karungi might not be a good candidate.

Among his reasons is the fact that Musisi seems like a guy who doesn’t like playing by the rules.

Actually,  Musisi responded to his post and made it clear that he is not a big fun of rules and regulations, something that comes with working for government organisations like Uganda Tourism Board (UTB).

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