New Secrets Emerge: Captain Namara Who Shot At Bebe Cool Is A Trigger-Happy UPDF Officer

New Secrets Emerge: Captain Namara Who Shot At Bebe Cool Is A Trigger-Happy UPDF Officer

By Ivan Mwine

Shocking secrets have been unearthed about Captain Robert Namara, the army officer who was involved in a bar brawl with musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool last weekend.

Namara got involved in a bitter spat with Bebe Cool after he scratched his vehicle while they were in the parking lot of a bar in Ntinda, which ended up in a scuffle that involved the officer allegedly shooting at the singer.

However, although Bebe Cool and Namara on Thursday met and agreed to bury the hatchet, it has since emerged that Namara, who is a Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Captain, is a very trigger-happy army officer.

Information on ground indicates that Namara  in 2020 got involved in another brawl at 400 Bar in Bukoto, a city suburb, where he shot a civilian.

UPDF Officer Capt. Robert Namara who reportedly shot at Bebe Cool

Bringing to light Namara’s history of being trigger-happy, city journalist Solomon Kaweesa tweeted thus; “It’s high time @updf_@UPDFspokespersn @cdfupdf  disarmed this Cpt. Robert Namara. He shot Moses Mugisha in the back at 400 Bar in Bukoto In 2020. Mugisha got paralyzed to date and this man refused to foot his hospital bills. @updf_ covered him up and here we are. More details…”

It is alleged that at about 1:30am while at 400 Bar in Bukoto, Namara, who is an operative with Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) but attached to Police Crime Intelligence Unit shot Mugisha, 47,  a businessman after they quarreled over a babe.

Information indicates that after Namara shot Mugisgha, he was briefly arrested by cops at Kira Road Police and was charged with attempted murder but shortly thereafter the investigation hit a dead end.

It was said then that after the shooting, Namara reported himself to Brig. Gen. Sserunjoji Damulira, the director of Police Crime Intelligence, who instructed Kira Road CID to investigate the matter, but to date the report about the incident has never seen the light of day.

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