Next Radio Presenters Dj Zahara Toto And Posha In Bitter Fight During The Show Break

Next Radio Presenters Dj Zahara Toto And Posha In Bitter Fight During The Show Break

By Simon Abaho

The hosts of the Next chillout on the new realigned visual and Audio based radio had a bitter fight on the show as they did their stint.

As seen in the video Dj Posha calls on Zahara Toto to use twitter as her social media for pushing the program in terms of bringing mileage to the show, which Zahara is not in agreement with . Posha goes to say that Twitter is powerful and has more following that other platforms and they are being directed to use that as their most used means of engagement by the Next media management.
Dj Posha Aloyo is Toto;s co host.

This infuriated Zahara with anger who shouted on top of her voice asking who said twitter is powerful, she adds that her main following is on facebook and that’s where she prefers to engage most. She stood up pushed away the mic and said she wont do it , she tired of working with Dj Posha and all the instructions that come with her and she does care if twitter is powerful.

“You are powerful , but we are not getting the comments and the content , we want you to also be tweeting , because its what people are using.” says Dj Posha.

Posha was not going to allow her speak to her like she also responded with the same words of she is very tired of Zahara tottos behaviors and cant keeping working like this. Zahara stood and pushed her chair down as she walked out of the studio in the presence of a one KK , probably who is the producer of the show, who came in to try and calm the show.

In the video they are seen exchange words and rubbishing each other.

At this moment Zahara was walking out of the studio with words flying in the air as Posha says let her go we are tired.

We remember Next Radio has put on hold the programs as it tried to rebrand and organize the station for new business. The relaunch happened this Monday when the radio resumed operation , but fights have already started.

Zahara Toto has been involved in a lot of fights and scandals but because of the following she comes with NBS has not been able to drop her.

Lets hope this was not an April fools day stunt.

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