Nigerian Movie Actor Maduike Dies Shortly After Burying Stepmom

Nigerian Movie Actor Maduike Dies Shortly After Burying Stepmom



By Nellie Nakitende

Nollywood has lost yet another gem after veteran actor, Jim Lawson Maduike, reportedly died on Saturday.

The Imo-born thespian died after reportedly complaining of body pains at around 12:00Pm, which started shortly after he had returned from the burial of his stepmother.

The president of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas, confirmed the news of Maduike’s death.

The late actor was also an accomplished broadcaster, writer, and TV personality who featured in over 150 movies during his lifetime.

He joined Nollywood in 2004 where he played lead roles in most films.

Some of his memorable roles were in movies like ‘My Conscience’, ‘The Trust’, ‘Queen of Aso Rock’, ‘Lust for Lust’, ‘Atonement’ and ‘National Cake’. Others are ‘Executive Mess’, ‘The Master’,  ‘Enemies in Love’ and ‘Still in Love’.

Giving further details about his death, the National Secretary, Actors Guild of Nigeria, Abu-Bakr Yakubu, said the veteran actor died after he attended the burial of his father’s wife in Imo state.

“The death of Jim Lawson is confirmed. What we learnt is that he travelled to Imo State for the burial of his father’s wife. After the burial, he got home and began to complain of body pain,” Yakubu said.

“He went to the hospital and the doctor conducted some tests on him. They advised that he should be placed on admission in the hospital but he refused. He insisted that he wanted to return home. When he got home, he slept yesterday night and did not wake up again,” he added.

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