Nina Roz Denies Being Ballooned By Daddy Andre

Nina Roz Denies Being Ballooned By Daddy Andre

By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Popular songbird Nina Kankunda aka Nina Roz  has denied rumours that she conceived for her hubby Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andrey.

Nina Roz  got officially hitched to Daddy Andrey last year after he was dumped by fellow musician Angella Katatumba.

After Daddy Andre feasting on her Sumbie Live-live  for several months, Nina Roz gained weight as if she was being fertilised on a daily, something that sparked off rumours about being ballooned.

However, the singer trashed the pregnancy rumours during an interview with Spark TV, on Wednesday evening.

While answering rapid fire questions about her music career, marriage and even her husband’s previous relationship and health status, the pretty singer dismissed the rumours attributed to her sudden weight gain, which she said many of her followers assume is a result of pregnancy.

When asked if her introduction was not rushed, considering that a few months before she introduced Daddy Andre to her family he was in a relationship with singer Katatumba, she calmly said “No”.

When pressed to speak about her husband’s health status, considering talk that Katatumba dumped Daddy Andre  because he refused to take an HIV test, the towering beauty said that; “I know  who Andre is. I heard the rumours just like you and I was not moved.”

Towards the end of the interview, the host pressed what seemed like a wrong button when she asked Nina Roza  if her hit-maker husband still had a bed in his studio or had removed it.

Nina Roz, who had been calm and sweet throughout the interview, got visibly irritated by the question.

The host might have noticed that because she quickly moved to her last question and asked about how she felt about her marriage with Andre and if she does house chores like cooking for him.

The phototogenic ‘Nagwana’ singer smiled broadly, and said her marriage is good, adding that at home she does house chores just like any other married woman.


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