Nina Roz Releases Official Video  For Her New Song ‘Kikole’

Nina Roz Releases Official Video  For Her New Song ‘Kikole’

By Ivan Mwine

Sensational Ugandan musician Nina Roz has released her much awaited new video ‘Kikole’, which is bound to thrill her fans .

Nina Roz premiered ‘Kikole’ video on Friday March 4, 2022 on YouTube via Black Market Records and it is already attracting several views.

‘Kikole’, which can be loosely translated to mean ‘Do it’, is a love song in which Nina Roz tells her lover to do whatever he wants with her body.

Nina Roz’s ‘Kikole’ video is not only streaming on YouTube but also on other digital music platforms like Apple Music, AppleMusic, VEVO, iTunes among others.

Produced by Big Devi, Nina Roz’s ‘Kikole’ vide has since been treated to massive reception by fans not only online but it is also doing rounds on several TV stations across the country.  

Going by the superb visuals it boasts of ‘Kikole’ is bound to be another hit from Nina Roz, which  comes after several other songs she has released before that include; ‘Billboard Kipande’, ‘Andele’ ft Daddy Andre, ‘Enyonta’, ‘Rudi Nyumbani ft Mbuzi Gang, ‘Nangana’ ft Daddy Andre, ‘Fire’ among others.

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