NMS PRO Nduhukire Leaves Top General’s Heart  Broken After She Introduces New Lover To Parents

NMS PRO Nduhukire Leaves Top General’s Heart  Broken After She Introduces New Lover To Parents

By Ivan Mwine
Gorgeous Sheilah Nduhukire, who is the Public Relations Officer (PRO) at the National Medical Stores (NMS), has left so many Kampala men’s hearts broken after she introduced her new lover today.

Moles reveals that  Nduhukire, a former NTV news anchor who was some time back linked to a top army General, has since introduced the man she is set to marry to her parents.

Sheilah Nduhukire with father Bishop Steven Namanya

The Moles reveal that the private introduction ceremony , which attended by only a few close family members, was held at her father’s residence in Kiruhura district.


According to our sources, Nduhukire’s father is Bishop Steven Namanya, of the North Ankole diocese.

However, although she is set to marry her new lover, Nduhukire has left a line of broken hearts, among  them being that of a top General she used to host at her crib in Naalya, a city suburb.

Sheilah Nduhukire with her new lover during their introduction ceremony

Nduhukire and the General were so tight during their heydays that her neighbours in Naalya revealed to Moles that she usually hosted him over the weekend and that during such occasions the two spent several hours holed up inside her apartment, having private conversations.

Her introduction and subsequent wedding  mean that the General will no longer have access to her, since she will officially belong to another man.

However, Nduhukire is not the only man whose heart she has left bleeding, because there is another dude who happens to be a Member of Parliament; the chap thought that he would marry her, only to end up in disappointment.

Moles reveal that Nduhukire and the Legislator met in Mbarara city and kicked off a steamy fling but along the way it ended up in flames


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