NRM ‘Mobiliser’ Sipapa Set To Rot In Jail After His Lawyers Ditching Case

NRM ‘Mobiliser’ Sipapa Set To Rot In Jail After His Lawyers Ditching Case

By Ivan Mwine

Once boisterous city socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa, who was until recently a staunch National Resistance Movement (NRM) mobiliser, is set to spend more time in jail than he had anticipated.

This comes after news filtering in that lawyers who  were  handling Sipapa’s case have since ditched the matter, citing lack of payment for their services.

Sources reveal that Sipapa’s lawyers of Elgon Advocates decided to part ways with him on Monday after reportedly failing to secure payment for the legal services rendered him ever since he was arrested.

We have established that the lawyers led by Robert Rutaro Muhairwe, wrote to the Chief Magistrate Makindye Court and the O.C Upper Prison Luzira, stating that they have pulled out of their client’s case due to his failure to foot their legal fees.

However, although word on the ground is that the lawyers ditched Sipapa’s case   due to lack of payment, other sources reveal that they decided  to opt out of the matter so as to avoid soiling their hard-earned reputation and company image.

It should be noted that Elgon Advocates is  one of the reputable  criminal law  firms that have been operating in Uganda for a long time.

Therefore, given the nature and gravity of offences that Sipapa is facing, the law firm’s reputation is likely to  end up being dented forever, reason why they decided to opt out of  the matter, in a bid to safeguard the firm’s reputation.

Sipapa and Wife Shamirah Nakiyimba at court

Sipapa was arrested early this month together with his wife Shamirah Nakiyimba, over allegations that he and others broke into the home of a Sudanese national Jacob Arok, in Kawuku, Bunga, from where they stole USD429,000  gold jewelry, laptops, Smartphones among other valuables.

However, shortly after his arrest, police investigations linked Sipapa to several other criminal cases, which include;

Breaking into the house of Jacob Arok, chloroforming him and stealing the following items:

USD420,000 worth UGX1,600,200,000

2 iPhone = USD3,000 valued at UGX11,430,000

Samsung TV 75′ = USD4,000 valued at UGX15,240,000.


Breaking into the house of Mary Ateng, chloroforming her and stealing the following:

iPhone 12 Pro Max worth UGX5,000,000

Golden Belt = USD5000 worth UGX19,050,000

Golden Chain = USD5000 worth UGX19,050,000

Golden Ring = USD500 worth UGX1,905,000


Breaking into the house of Acol Ateng, chloroforming her and stealing the following:

iPhone 11Pro = UGX800,000

Laptop + Charger = USD1,000~ UGX3,810,000

Cash UGX500,000

Breaking into the house of Den Alukol, chloroforming him and stealing the following:

Apple Laptop = UGX5,000,000

iPhone 11Pro Max = UGX5,000,000

Breaking into the house of Abi Ayan, chloroforming him and stealing:

Macbook = UGX5,000,000

iPhone 11Pro Max = 5,000,000

However, Sipapa and his co-accused denied the charges, prompting court to remand them until September  18th, 2022, when they  will return to court for hearing of their bail application.

It should be noted that Sipapa was some time back clobbered to pulp by unknown residents of Prince Charles Drive in Kololo over allegations of breaking into houses to rob.

Prior to that, CCTV  footage of an image that matches Sipapa’s structure and description had been recorded by cameras at an apartment in Naguru and tendered in as evidence to police by the victim although the police failed to arrest him then due to lack of substantial evidence.

Last week on Monday Sipapa and his co-accused were taken to court for the hearing of their bail application which was however denied and they were sent back to remand until October 10th, 2022.

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