NRM Mobilizer Mayinja Steals, Runs Off With Reporter’s Phone

NRM Mobilizer Mayinja Steals, Runs Off With Reporter’s Phone


By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

In the recent year or so, local musician Ronald Mayinja has become as controversial as the word can get.

From releasing songs that condemn the government to joining Presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s People Power/National Unity Platform (NUP) twice with a U-turn in between, to finally crossing over to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) that he formerly criticised, Mayinja has raised eyebrows in both the music industry and political spheres.

Today, January 7, 2021, eyebrows have been raised even more about his conduct.

According to The Observer, the musician has stolen and run off with a mobile phone of one of their reporters that had gone to his residence in Munyonyo, Kampala, to conduct an interview on the famed singer but did not like what he said in the interview for it would put him on tenterhooks (Bunkenke) with the state.

“After a 2 hour-interview at his home in Munyonyo, musician Ronald Mayinja has made off with our reporter’s mobile phone. He claimed the audio recording was going to land him in trouble with the state,” The Observer tweeted.

It added, “A case of phone theft SD: REF 29/7/1/2021 has been filed at Salama Road Police Station.”

Basing on the number of hit songs he has released over the years, Ronald Mayinja is regarded as a senior, successful musician in Uganda.

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