Nsamba’s Parents Fault Spice Diana, Police For Covering Up Murder Scandal

Nsamba’s Parents Fault Spice Diana, Police For Covering Up Murder Scandal

By Ivan Mwine

The scandal involving the murder of a man identified as Henry Nsamba, who was last week clobbered to death at singer Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana’s home in Makindye has taken another twist.

Nsamba’s father Johnson Matovu narrating his ordeal

This comes after the parents of the deceased led by his father Johson Matovu accused police and Spice Diana of attempting to cover up the murder case.

Spice Diana’s home where Henry Nsamba was allegedly murdered

This is because there are loopholes in the statements made by Spice Diana and the police so far.

Matovu contends that whereas the police claim Nsamba was a shamba boy who had invaded Spice Diana’s home with intent to steal and was not known to her, he was actually very well known to her and had been going to her house for a long time.

Henry Nsamba as he looked before he was murdered

He also says that whereas the police claim that Nsamba was rushed to Mulago Hospital on a 999 patrol truck, the deceased was actually dead by the time  he was admitted to the hospital.

Speaking about the ordeal, Matovu told ExposedUganda.com that; “I was called on Thursday night by a woman who only told me that she was a doctor at Mulago Hospital. She asked me if I was Henry Nsamba’s father and I replied in the affirmative.”

The wounds on Nsamba’s head

He added that; “She then told me that my son had died and when I asked what he had died of, she told me that he had been brutally beaten.”

Henry Nsamba’s body

Matovu asserts that the allegations by the police and Spice Diana that Nsamba had jumped over the perimeter wall of her house with intention to steal are false, because even then, they would have arrested and handed him over to police, because mob justice is a crime according to the constitution.

Relatives viewing Nsamba’s body

He suspects that his son could have been lynched by Spice Diana’s guards and that he was killed at her residence, not near it like it is being claimed.

Matovu thus calls upon the police to expeditiously investigate the matter such that whoever was involved in the murder of his  son can be brought to book.

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