Ntale Music Career Stagnates After Quitting Swangz Avenue

Ntale Music Career Stagnates After Quitting Swangz Avenue

By Ivan Mwine

 Popular Ugandan songbird Irene Ntale  is regretting why she decided to quit her former music label  Swangz Avenue, which had done a great job at promoting her brand.

This comes after analysts in the music industry revealing that ever since Ntale quit Swangz Avenue her music career stagnated has been retrogressing instead of progressing.

According to the analysts, Ntale has not had a hit song in the past few years and she has not released any album, yet her contemporaries like Winnie Nwagi and Vinka are constantly outing hit after hit.

 Her close pals intimate that matters worsened for Ntale after the deal she had hooked with Sony Music to promote her music collapsed, because she failed to get a company to promote her as a brand.

Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze

Actually,  Sony Music has since opted to sign up Ntale’s protégé Vinka, who is currently doing wonders and miracles on the airwaves with her vocals.

As if being dropped by Sony Music was not enough, info reaching us from our Moles indicates that Ntale had hitched another deal with Universal Music Records, Nigeria but that one also collapsed after she failed  to perform up the company’s expectations.

 Moles thus reveal that the stagnation of Ntale’s music career has since left her very frustrated and wondering what to do next, especially because she doesn’t have any endorsements yet bars and night clubs were closed because of COVID-19, something that has resulted into her being heavily cash-strapped.

Ntale quit Swangz Avenue in 2017 after falling out with her former bosses at the Muyenga based music label, among them Julius Kyazze, who she accused of allegedly ignoring her and instead concentrating on Nwagi and Vinka.

After she quit, the Swangz Avenue bosses concentrated all efforts on promoting Vinka, Nwagi and other musicians, something they are successfully doing.

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