NTV News Anchor Nakazibwe In COVID-19 Scare As She Battles  Make-up Saga

NTV News Anchor Nakazibwe In COVID-19 Scare As She Battles Make-up Saga

 By Ivan Mwine
Popular NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe, who also hosts the ‘Mwasuze Mutya’, is currently battling a severe bout of influenza that has left her feeling scared that it might be a symptom of COVID-19.

 Moles reveal that for the past few days Nakazibwe  has been a no-show at the TV station after she decided to Self-hibernate, such that she can treat the flue first.

Faridah Nakazibwe without makeup

Actually, Nakazibwe confirmed that she is indeed suffering from severe flue after she wrote on social media thus; 
“If the flu I’m feeling now is the new COVID-19, then you all better run, get vaccinated or observe SOPs.”


Meanwhile, for the past few days Nakazibwe has been trending on social media because of astonishing difference between the way she looks with and without make-up.

Pictures of Nakazibwe’s faces with and without make-up have been circulating  social media attracting varying comments from many of her followers.

Nakazibwe looking sexy with makeup

Here are some of their comments;

Heid A. Faith: “People are making this a big deal, but Faridah Nakazibwe is a beautiful woman within,and it radiates outside too. She has big soul and she is one of the best Ugandan tv presenters. So with or without makeup She is gorgeous.”

Aniku Avutia: “Hehehe who are those making kelele. Me I don’t care about those issues.I was attending to some top celebrity’s kid, I could not  recognize her she looked quite ordinary at hospital until the nurses reminded me. Then another top model  I recognized  her far from what I read and saw on TV.But I think TV can be deceptive. But in this pick she is equally pretty.”

Juliana Nabunya: “What do you mean by no makeup,  nze nga mulabbako!”
Kyosimire Diana: “I thought she adopted her kids now I know she is the mother.”

Semakula Seth: “But her figure doesn’t need make up so keep on critising the face as we love because of other parts.gwe no daawo oba face bagirya”

Meddle Kasai: “Being famous and loved by many doesn’t qualify someone to be beautiful. Women stop using filters because I can see she’s wearing makeup but this time forgot to filter her photo. It seems waliwo eya positinze her photo before filtering. Sorry bambi but that’s ya original looks and hope u can start posting yourself in that original form.”


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